Joseph’s Philosophy

The Original method of Pilates is based on the mat work repertoire of 34 exercises as it offers a chance to improve technique or recover from injury.  


The Focus


Whole body health, commitment and most importantly breathing; while encompassing mind, body and spirit.  


“Contrology” the requirement of mental control and physical discipline, leading to improved posture, stamina and graceful movement. Start slowly, building gradually to a healthy body, mind and respiratory system.  


6 Principles to focus and achieve in:



Centring (Creating the strong core using “The Pillar”)






Amanda’s Approach


Pilates target is core strength to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration while focusing on breathing.  


We overuse our bodies daily with extracurricular activities, routines and habits. Creating tension and imbalances consistently to specific muscles.   


I love teaching the fundamentals of Pilates. It gets everyone ready for the repertoire of exercises, which is all about the core.  

My classes are taught with the students, their mat and the connection of mind to their breath while doing the exercises in a beginner setting.  


Our core is the base of a good posture and helps prevent injuries; more often than not, when we keep the core strong, back pain subsides.  


I first became a Massage Therapist, I then realized that in order for myself to keep strong throughout my career, I needed something to keep my body and core the healthiest. I took the Pilates Instructor course and could not be happier … the story keeps writing itself

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