Acupuncture, 'Shen Men'

Acupuncture is a forgiving and extremely flexible science. The insertion of a needle into the body in order to contact the Qi will usually produce some changes, whichever the point selected. In current practice throughout the world, there is enormous variety in point selection. (A Manual of Acupuncture by Peter Deadman and Mazin Al-Khafaji with Kevin Baker) “It is by virtue of the twelve channels that human life exists, that disease arises, that human beings can be treated and illness cured. The twelve channels are where beginners start and masters end’           - Spiritual Pivot    As a massage therapist that practices Acupuncture, one of the first points to learn about that I commonly use with my patients is one of the Master Points which is referred to as ‘Shen men’ an auricular (ear) point. I often use this point for aiding in calming the spirits, so that many patients can have time to settle from the normal hustle and bustle of the day. 'Shen Men' is often considered to alleviate apprehension, fear, anxiety and help regulate the Sympathetic Nervous System and to tranquilizes the mind and facilitates a state of harmony and serenity. In a world where we are used to, overworking and always on the go. We have to remember to find balance in everyday circumstances. Acupuncture is a fresh reminder for the body, mind and spirit to keep balanced. 

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