Pilates Breathing

Daily dose of outdoor Pilates- rain, shine or even humidity🌦!

. . Pilates Breathing facilitates correct muscle activation and increases the safety of the exercises . . Direct the breaths to the sides, activating the rib cage, rather then diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing) to help the abdominals activate and perform the movements properly; for any levels, beginner to intermediate🙌🏽. . . Thanks to my beautiful models and classmates for being so amazing, they can vouch for how hard the breathing style is while on their stomachs , even with the different styles they work on! BUT totally all worth while😉 . . #matpilates #pilates #core #workthecore#backstrength #outdoors #freshrainair @lolewomen @sajewellness #instructingoutside #usingessentialoils

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